Carousel storage system – Automatic vertical carousel – Printing cylinder

Paper cylinders, goffering cylinders, coating cylinders, etching cylinders, sleeves, PMS sleeves, anilox, etc.

The fragile nature of these cylinders means that they must be hung by their ends (or tips) or by their specific holding point.

Intuitive, tool-free locking makes loading operations easier.

An accurate specifications sheet is required to create a suitable, honed solution. Carousels can be adapted to the actual setting and existing load handling machinery.

Storage level numbering – Cell rail – Full housing – Removable anti-theft rail – Fully enclosed rear – etc.

We have several solutions available to suit each situation: load handling truck, stacker, mobile truck, etc.

2 ranges available depending on maximum diameter.

Max. weight : according to configuration.

Max. diameter : 450 mm.

Height : 3 to 6.2 metres high.

Total length : 2 to 6.5 metres

Linear speed : 3.94 to 4.27 m/min. maximum.

Control :  press and hold or automated (touch screen).

Power supply :  220 V or 380 V – 0.5 kW to 1.5 kW

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Easy to use

The default control method is pressing and holding the button to reach the desired item. The carousel can be rotated in both directions.

Safe to operate

No risk for your employees, with an ergonomic work height when loading and unloading

Quick access

Press and hold the button or enter the location code to quickly reach the right item

Optimised space

Easily make use of your building’s overhead space

Stock management

Makes stocktaking faster – can be integrated with ERP and WMS for optimised management.

Heavy and bulky product storage

Specific products for every application

Forward or Reverse press button

Control with tactil screen

All fields of application