Carousel storage system – Automatic vertical carousel – Spotlights

Non-exhaustive list of spotlights that can be stored on the carousel : Theatre spotlights – Profile spotlights – Asymmetric floodlights – Floodlights – ACP 1001/ADB – C101-C201/ADB – PC1000/2000 – Robert Juliat fresnels 611/613/614/713/714 – PARS, etc.

Each spotlight is suspended under a hanging rail similar to a theatre scaffold bar, which is specifically configured to suit the total length and cumulative weight. The spotlight is manually tightened when loaded.

The storage capacity depends on the total height and length of the carousel.

Cell rail – Full housing – Removable anti-theft rail – Fully enclosed rear – etc.

Loading and unloading is performed manually by positioning the required rail at an ergonomic height using the manual or automated controls. Compatible with multi-level use (e.g. mezzanine)

6 heights available.

Maximum spotlight height : 850 mm.
Maximum weight per level : depending on useable width.
Total length : 3 to 5 metres
Total height : 4 to 8 metres
Linear speed : approx. 5 m/min.
Control :  press and hold (standard) or automated (option).
Power supply :  220 V – 0.55 kW

Floor sizes available – Number of spotlights or linear metres of storage to achieve – Distribution of light stock by spotlight type – Access, delivery and installation constraints – etc.

Easy to use

The default control method is pressing and holding the button to reach the desired item. The carousel can be rotated in both directions.

Safe to operate

No risk for your employees, with an ergonomic work height when loading and unloading

Quick access

Press and hold the button or enter the location code to quickly reach the right item

Optimised space

Easily make use of your building’s overhead space

Stock management

Makes stocktaking faster – can be integrated with ERP and WMS for optimised management.

Heavy and bulky product storage

Specific products for every application

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