Our Services

Haulage and Delivery

We manage haulage and delivery on site of the rotative storage system. The unloading can be managed by the end user or by our technicians depending on the type of machine and the requirements needed on site.


Trained dedicated teams in relation with our logistic department ensure the installation of the machines – the installation car vary from & to 2 days depending on the machine type and the site requirements. To ensure a safe operation and regarding the issues on site, additional machinery may be necessary (scissor lift/trailer)


To ensure the long-lasting use of the material and prevent from any risks due wear phenomenon, a maintenance contract is always offered – many suggestions can be made. Our know-how and our mobile technicians guarantee a quick intervention in case of breakdown.

Layout study

Our IT tools allow to study your future layout using your own sketches (dwg or other) – we simulate the different possibilities to optimize your project

Analysis by a certified control office in the factory or on site

Safety plan and site meeting